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Beatrice Findlay merges abstraction with figuration in her oils and works on paper juxtaposing expressionist gestural impasto with delicate washes. Utilizing both deep and shallow space figurative and landscape elements recede and emerge from multiple layers of color. In many paintings the image of a running figure creates the structure of the painting. Frequent themes are motion, emotion, body and spirit, presence and absence, loss and rebirth. She draws inspiration from nature and life in large cities; from sitting in Los Angeles rush hour traffic with people running by in the shadows, from walks along East River construction sites in Brooklyn, from the colors of the Caribbean, Canadian winters or anywhere.

Beatrice Findlay’s art has appeared in over 80 exhibitions and is held in numerous public and private collections around the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. She has done many commissioned works and enjoys working with a culture other than her own. A native of Winnipeg, Canada she obtained a BFA from the University of Manitoba and then pursued independent study in Toronto, Montreal and Los Angeles with an emphasis on color structure and human anatomy. In 1976 she immigrated to the United States and holds dual citizenship. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn.